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deer sleigherdeer sleigher Experienced MemberRegistered Users 317 Posts
Could we have a three barreled shotgun added to the game been looking at triple threat on you tube would be a cool shotgun also pistol crossbow for bat hunts hopefully other weapon ideas will be submitted by other dh's


  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Long distant hunts with a sniper rifle. 1 target, 1 shot and a set time limit. Must be a designated vital ( heart, lung, brain) or for some hot shots "eye shots" this may be something for the new game.
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  • DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Senior Member Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    Aw the pistol crossbow for bats is a great idea. I miss the pistols
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  • deer sleigherdeer sleigher Experienced Member Registered Users 317 Posts
    Maybe add night hunts with the infrared make getting the correct prey harder
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