All you need to know about Deer Hunter Classic!

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Quick Answer - It's the same game. We just re-branded!

Long Answer - Deer Hunter is a franchise unto itself and thanks to our player base (all you guys!) Deer Hunter 2014 has survived and flourished! We're getting close to reaching our 40th region push and our 20th Monthly event!

The team here felt that 2017 needed more, and has been hard at work figuring out how to improve the game and make it better for the year ahead. One of those ideas was to re-brand ourselves as the de facto Deer Hunter experience! And that's why we are now Deer Hunter Classic!

What’s New?
  • New PvP Game mode
  • New Currency
  • New Mystery Boxes

What is PvP?

Player versus Player mode is an outlet for the competitive players out there who’ve been asking for a gameplay style that they can really sink their teeth into! We have multiple leagues set across all available regions where players go head to head against each other in tournaments that last anywhere from a few days to a month!

Each League spans multiple regions. Just keep an eye out for the special icons on each map!



How do I turn off PvP?

PvP is a standalone game mode. Just like Events, there’s nothing that forces you to participate. For players who want to take part, they’ll find the PvP icons on each map screen. For players that don’t care much for the mode, they can look forward to our usual Region and Event releases!

How does matchmaking in PvP work?

Players are matched up against other opponents based on their:
  • Player Level
  • Trophy Count
  • Win Streak

When you’re sitting on a high Win Streak, the game will start to find tougher opponents for you to challenge. We wouldn’t want your hunts to get too easy, now would we?

How does PvP Scoring work?

Winning a PvP hunt rewards the player with “Trophies”. These accumulate over multiple victories. The amounts of trophies you gain or lose after each match are dependent on the difference between you and your opponent’s power level. The player with highest amount of trophies in the season ranks according to the Leaderboard positions.

What are PvP Seasons & Leaderboards?

Each PvP League runs for a fixed amount of time. When one ends, another begins right after it. Each season has its own Leaderboard and rewards. The more trophies you have the higher chance of you ranking high enough for a reward tier.

Winning means you stand to win Weapon Mods, Gold, and Eagle currency. The Leaderboards reset each time the PvP season ends. The season timing is displayed in the Leaderboard section.

Leaderboard Positions



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    PvP Weapons

    What weapons are used in PvP?

    Each PvP League requires specific weapons to take part, very much like how Events need special weapons.

    Before you launch a PvP mission, we show you what weapons are eligible and which ones you own (highlighted in blue). This ensures that everyone is on a level playing field for each league, irrespective of what region they’ve unlocked.

    PvP weapons are currently the only weapons with Tier 4 upgrades.


    Can I use my own weapon in PvP?

    If you already own any of the weapons shown in PvP weapon selection you can use the same weapon to participate in PvP.

    Can I upgrade PvP Weapons?

    Yes. PvP weapons are the same as normal weapons. These are upgraded like every other weapon.

    PvP weapons come with the option to Tier them up. A weapon can be tiered up thrice. When you tier up a weapon, you unlock further upgrades for it, allowing you to increase its power well beyond its previous limitations.

    Moreover, you unlock slots that fit mods, allowing you to customize your weapon even more.

    What happens to PvP weapons after the season?

    Once you purchase and own a weapon, it remains part of your inventory. These can also be used to play the Region hunts.

    Can I add Mods to PVP Weapons?

    Yes. Each weapon has a fixed amount of slots dedicated for equipping mods. These slots can be further unlocked by ‘Tiering Up’ the weapon. At Tier 4, you unlock the maximum number of slots.



    What are the types of Mods? How do I get them?

    Weapon mods can be obtained by opening Platinum, Golden, or Diamond Crates in the Hunter’s Crates section. These Weapon Mods are available in 3 different categories:
    • Common Weapon Mods (Green)
    • Rare Weapon Mods (Blue)
    • Epic Weapon Mods (Purple)


    How does the Crafting System work?

    After performing a Tier Up upgrade on a weapon you can use Weapon parts and Hunter bucks to purchase it. Or, if you’re in a hurry, use Gold to bypass all requirements. Weapon Parts can be found in the Hunter’s Crates.
    Open Mystery Box ---> Get Weapon Parts ---> Craft Weapon Upgrades

    Scenario: Crafting a Weapon Upgrade (refer Images below)



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    New Currency

    Eagle currency has been expanded to include:
    • Platinum Eagles
    • Golden Eagles
    • Diamond Eagles


    What are these currencies used for?

    The Hunter’s Crates have special crates that can be spun with each type of Eagle. Platinum is the most common followed by Golden. If you want the really good stuff, however, spin the Diamond Crates!
    Other questions

    Can I change my PvP Name?

    Not yet, but, stay tuned!

    Can I challenge a friend from Facebook/Game Centre/ Google Play?

    Not yet, but, stay tuned!
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