Deer Hunter 2014 is Back As Classic on Kindle HD!

master_hunter2015master_hunter2015 Registered Users 131 Posts
I am glad that yesterday Kindle HD tablets and app store finally updated Deer Hunter 2014 as Deer Hunter Classic since region 35 in Summer 2016. It has been 9 months of waiting!

I have played a couple days and finished some new hunt series below. It seemed there always be someone with more than twice as good as (so called tier ups) gold purchased weapons than mine playing with me. For example one player below has upper tiers than me. You know Kindle does not offer video credits and the free glu credit offers need real money or endless surveys. So it's more difficult to upgrade any weapons without spending some dollars. I have not spent any real cash on this game in 2017.

I understand why people can purchase upper tiers with real money to be more powerful in the game.

However how could I achieve in the top rank but got assigned to someone with much higher rank points than me? Was there a different system cross different challenge series Glu assigned players to play? In other words, was I playing someone ranked top 3 in other challenge series when I was in challenge series 1?









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