Bucket League Shotgun Competition

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This game introduced rifle challenger series and shotgun bucket leagues for users to compete 1 vs 1. I know this has happened in other Google and Apple app stores, but it's new in Kindle app store last weekend.

This guy toughranger1922 has lost to me three times in one hour, but his trophy points kept increasing to 1628. I did not take screenshot until the last time. In the last time, I beat him and got 36 trophy points but he still stayed at 1628. It's not an update issue.

It seemed the game often would not update for the last hunt (regardless of win or lose) if you exit the app entirely right after the last hunt. After restart, the game would not have a record of last hunt. I guess that's a flaw in the game.

In addition, I kept seeing people with 1500+ power shotguns in the bucket with over 2000 trophy points playing me, but they never showed up in the bucket league rank list. I have a less than 950 power shotgun, so is there a different system for people to compete across Google, Apple, and Kindle app stores for the same bucket league? Or is this bucket league rank set by regions (Midwest, East, West, etc)?




The second issue is that the game seemed to design that if you do not use gold or cash to buy powerful weapons, your rifle will not work after you reach 1700+ trophy points in challenger series. I played the Top 3 players in the challenger series IV in Kindle app store and none of us with whatever power rifles could beat the number of animals within given time limits. It's not the animal is tough to catch, but the power required to shoot each animal once to finish is 7,700,000+. The most powerful rifle with all tiers and upgrades done is 6,500,000. Mine is only 5,800,000, but the top 3 players all had 6,500,000 powerful rifles. Each animal still takes five or more times to finish. See screenshots below.

So I stops hunting the animals but the opponent in the end of the game.





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