Finally Unlocked Region 43 Challenger Series and Achieved 1500+ Trophy Points

13 days ago I got a notification that Kindle app store is updating Deer Hunter 2014 to Deer Hunter Classic for the first time since September 2016. Many Kindle users include me have to start over from region 36 to catch up until region 44 because Glu forgot us!!! Actually Kindle store might be the biggest cash machine for Glu because other app stores allow video credits but that feature is blocked by Amazon.

Back to the topic, I finally unlocked Region 43 challenger series last Friday night (it's not a buckshot league as others mentioned)and am achieving 1900+ trophy points now (with only half-way upgraded and tiered up rife). This region still has many computer PVP players Glu put in so it's impossible for real person to reach top 3 rank. Even if you have the best rifle maximized and tiered up to highest level, the game (above 2800 trophy points) still require at least 10 times as good as your best rifle. Then it will take more than 7 shots to finish one animal (given that no body shot). The current rank 3 player has over 2800 trophy points and must be a computer PVP player. If one cannot reach top 3, the most gold coins he can earn in this season is only 50 for 1500+ trophy points.

Thus far, I have achieved 1900+ trophy points on all three buckshot leagues and five challenger series in current season. My highest buckshot league trophy points were 2382 in region 3 and highest challenger series trophy points were 2719 in region 27.

I also unlocked region 44 and its rifle tonight and cannot wait to get enough power to play the final elite series.


funny new ant shot in region 43




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