Best Payout in 5 Challenger Series and 3 Buckshot Leagues for Real Players!!!

It seemed after first season of challenger series and buckshot leagues I played on Kindle, Glu increased computer PVP players' ability to eat up trophy points fast. Not because computer PVP players are stronger than real players, but they do get trophy points increased for winning matches and no deduction for losing matches when I played many of them.

I used to win 1st and 2nd places with around 2000-2200 trophy points in rifle and buckshot leagues, but now I got even more than 2700 trophy points in one challenger series and 2000+ in more than half of series and leagues but still cannot win any top 3 titles.

Thus I got a conclusion that the best gold coins prize for real player is 50 per series or leagues or 400 total per season of 12 days. That's about 800 gold coins per month still better than the game system in 2016 and earlier.







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