Next event

Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
The next event is an Anniversary Event. This game is four years old.
How much longer will Glu pour resources into this game?
Got the popup yesterday.


  • KillerinstintKillerinstint Registered Users 135 Posts
    I think Glu is probably stop DH 2014 after the Anniversary Event. Anyway. I just reach level 317 with 19 TRILLIONS HB. Where are you now in DH 2014 Duck?
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    Level 308 and 7.6 trillion HB
  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Registered Users 1,247 Posts
    Glu will not stop the game until finances prove to be meagre enough to proceed. They seem to have pulled the brakes on Dino and they are still moving on with DH2017. It is all about the money, they can regurgitate events in DH classic ad infintum.
    Playing on LG G4 (Android)
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