region 1 - tuesdays tournament and strange happenings

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HI all

Been having some fun, and thought i would try "tuesdays" tourney on region 1 - eventhough it is monday.

All wen well except it is unfinishable. I dont know if i am the only one that has tried everythig to do 20/20 the white spotted pigmy deer cannot die.

I hit it with a weapon twice as strong as it needed, and it still refused to go down. So after a lots o tries, gloves came off. infra red, hollow ppoints, 2 shot with hollws to the heart, and then another 2 t othe lungs and it still walks away.

Another problem i have come across is that sometimes you get no background and just the target, easy pickings, and another time you just get black, bit of a pain in the bum, and loss of 1 energy, a change of regoin and do a mission then go back and we are in the game again.

I played this game on the ipad ages ago, until the ipad could no longer cope, bit sad that the game isnt saved on the server like most others. still enjoy building myself back up, although it is harder than when it first came out.



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    They start Tuesday one on the dail hunt around 9:30 pm PST. (Pacific Standard Time). You may be ahead of my time zone. They do new regions and events on early Thursdays PST. The new events are two weeks after a new region.
    This is generally true every day. It does very.
    At one point this app was using 3.5 GB. They updated it six months ago. It now uses 2.5 GB on mine.
    My IPad has never been affected by this game.
    At one point, they had a lot of bugs, including a dark hunting screen. It won't last forever. See my commentary on hunting Region 48, for strange happenings.
    As for the daily hunt region 1, number 20. Never had your problem. It is the pie bald sheep one. The daily one will use a pie bald deer occasionally. Can't help you. What do you mean can't die? You fail the mission? Did you run out of time or did it escape? Did you actually shoot it? My worst problem is I shoot the **** thing medium range with an AR and it says hit. No damage. But I can shoot the same animal in the same hunt twice as far away, and I kill it with the same weapon. Glu is plain weird. Sometimes you think you hit it, and you hit a branch or something else.
    Proof is the green bar showing the damage. Are you telling me, that that isn't showing up?
    All I can say is submit a ticket.
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    Do you have to advertise stuff in this game? ****, people like you tick me off.
    You people seem to do it on my posts especially.
    Glu should ban your account.
  • atarianatarian Registered Users 2 Posts
    Duck76 wrote: »
    Do you have to advertise stuff in this game? ****, people like you tick me off.
    You people seem to do it on my posts especially.
    Glu should ban your account.

    Have i missed something, what have i advertised?

    the region 1 20/20 hunt, no i hit, it did damage, i did the same damage with hollow point as i did with normal. I have just done todays pie one and it went downthe first shot using normal ammo. The one before was done using infra red, 2 hearts shots, with hollow points, it did damage but didnt die, it didnt limp, it didnt crawl, it looked at me and laiughed:P
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    It wasn't you. It was someone else. Glu took his post off. So my post makes it look like I responded to you.
    Nope, it wasn't you.
    But I want you to know that this guy was advertising viagra. It is against Glu rules.
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