Unbelievably under-powered pistol slays 'em!

Hey, all! Weapon power, or lack of it, being the worst- case scenario (can't be over-powered), plays a big part in this game (at least I thought so), or maybe I'm just ignorant of the game's bowels. Went bird hunting in Region 43, where the recommended power level was 1,750,191,172, and they dropped like stones, all one-shot kills, before my 42, yep, I said 42, power pistol. A 42 power rifle (if there is one that low powered), barely kills in its own realm (what, maybe R's 1 or 2?), and sometimes not even then, but R 43!? I have also used the 42 to take wolverines, but that was many regions ago. Just sayin'.


  • Chris525Chris525 Registered Users 32 Posts
    Pretty much any shot gun works for killing birds.  I have never had to shot a bird twice.
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