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So, Glu is upgrading the forum starting at 2 am PST Monday.
Does that mean that they will start kicking people off the forum who post non this game related stuff?
I go here to see who responds to my questions and comments. Instead I get ads and porn related stuff that could be a virus. I turn people in for it and it still continues like crazy.
I would like Glu to address this in a thread and tell us what kind of changes are coming to this game and forum.
Any Glu moderators going to take my challenge?
And please Glu, 4 hunts of one animal in a region is stupid. In the previous Region, you had three elk hunts. Also stupid.
Are you planning to give Android users the next several regions that we Apple people have?
Please also address the hunters crate non randomness, and why in the PvP now, in season 20, a tier 1 weapon can be competitive against my tier 4.
I would love some answers. Please.
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