Region 50

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It is here.
Mongolia. 10.6 billion a hunt.
Hordes of animals to hunt. Horde comes from the Mongolian word ordu, meaning mob. It is a military unit in Mongolia. Only Mongolian word in English. That is your useless fact of the day. You already know their most infamous citizen ever. Temujin. Aka Genghiz Khan.
Heart shots only, three animals on trophy hunts. May use tiered up 49 rifle, or buy one of the two 50 rifles.
Region costs for all four weapons are north of 8 trillion. Spent 5.3 trillion on shotgun and bow.
Will be Region 51.
Just started working on bow and hunting series myself.
Region came in at 10 am PST.


  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    I forgot to mention, Region 51 comes out on Thanksgiving Day. November 23rd.
  • KillerinstintKillerinstint Registered Users 135 Posts
    Thank you for the head up Duck. 
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