Where to Get Platinum Eagles?

casajrcasajr Senior MemberRegistered Users 1,468 Posts
I have not been playing for a while and decided to restart (again). Looks like the Hidden Regions now require ungodly amounts of Platinum Eagles to buy the bows. How do you accumulate that many? Is purchase the only option?
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  • KevinMDKevinMD Junior Member Registered Users 70 Posts
    Weekly hunts and other special hunts that have a tab at the bottom.
  • casajrcasajr Senior Member Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    edited June 2018
    I know and you can get 2 Plats. Costs like 1000 to buy a bow and 800 for each upgrade. That would be a lot of special hunts
    Common Sense is an ultra-rare superpower.
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