Where are the guars?

g 78 33g 78 33 Experienced MemberRegistered Users 158 Posts
I'm hunting the 6 elder guars in region 12 but haven't seen any,am I missing something?


  • casajrcasajr Senior Member Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    Look across the canyon.
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  • swaggerjrswaggerjr Experienced Member Registered Users 116 Posts
    looks like missing in action...no enemy to kill....hunting fail...hehehehhe mission impossible...lol !
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  • Bill1957Bill1957 Advanced Member Registered Users 972 Posts
    Like casajr said look at the other side of the canyon. Use your scope. It's an easy hunt once you find them.
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  • g 78 33g 78 33 Experienced Member Registered Users 158 Posts
    Thank guys
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