Christmas event?

jj51gdiyjj51gdiy Junior MemberRegistered Users 63 Posts
Just got a fairly fat update with a Christmas pop-up of a gingerbread man but nothing new in regions or weapon shop yet


  • Tango_DownTango_Down New Member Registered Users 29 Posts
    I got the same message... Will it work if I paste it here?
    Apparently not... Took a screenshot but can't seem to paste it...
    I hope they re-release the Kringle Gatling/crank gun from the summer sleigh bells event for those that missed out...
  • GluAdminGluAdmin Administrator 2,464 Posts
    Christmas content is coming soon! New stuff and favorites. ;)
  • PZOPZO Experienced Member Registered Users 260 Posts
    SHeeeesH! 3 Different POP-UPz ON 3 DIFFERENT DEVICES!!! I'm eXcited, cOnfused,...& full ALREADY! I'M WAITING GLU....I'M WAITING(really trying to)
  • PZOPZO Experienced Member Registered Users 260 Posts
    & for the 1st time ever...I just got 68 Gold Coins for watching videos...Frontline Commandos 2...GLU!!! I love you guys!!! Really I do...most of the time
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