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Bonus Videos are obviously new with the latest update they appear to be random after So many hunts,has anyone had an issue of not receiving either the drink,hollow points or gold after watching the video ?


  • DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Senior Member Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    They seem to come up after a certain amount of time spent in hunts, or number of hunts...

    Since they came out there is one problem I've had, I do get the rewards, but when I click claim it claims it but the screen is frozen, I can hear everything going on, like when I click next I hear it work and I can click go hunt (wasted 2 energy by this) but the whole time I am still staring at the box that says "claim". So I simply restart the app and it's all good. :)
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    It's not fair that kindle users do not get such videos or any videos at all. Life is not fair though.
  • casajrcasajr Senior Member Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    Kindles seem to exist in their own little android world.
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    I am in an Android world.
    Kindle is their own entirely different world. Using an Android OS. Different worlds altogether...
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