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  •[email protected] New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    dh 2014 upgraded now keep getting timer error will there be a fix?
  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Region 18-boring, boring, boring! But the scenery is nicely done. The game needs a end. Nothing but the same animals with a makeover. Last hidden region was a nice one, but all of these African regions are tiring. If DH 2016 wants to do well, they need a new concept.
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  • JgoberynJgoberyn Junior Member Registered Users 81 Posts
    todfoxx wrote: »
    all of these African regions are tiring.

    I agree that some of the regions are getting a bit tiring, but there hasn't actually been an African region since region 9 ( my personal favourite region). That was over a year ago.
  • DeenohunterDeenohunter Experienced Member Registered Users 180 Posts
    This is not actually an African region. It is the Tahr desert, which is in India and Pakistan. But I agree. This is too similar to other regions and we need a change along with different animals.
  • Sunny ThaiSunny Thai Experienced Member Registered Users 439 Posts
    I used my Plisskin Serpent (R15-16) for most of the hunts. I had to shoot many animals 3 times to score a hit. Lots of fun and lots of energy drinks to do so. Also, cleared out all other animals same time. Really cool with infrared; the animal jumps but I can get in 2 more lung, heart, etc shots for a kill with drinks.

    Speaking of drinks……Beer time.
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  • SubH2OSubH2O Experienced Member Registered Users 603 Posts
    I was able to use the R17 gold rifle with hollow points until Hunt 32 in R18. At that point, the game said it required infrared. I obviously had infrared on the R17 rifle, but it would not let me progress to hunt 32 without finally buying the basic R18 rifle.
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  • WaddodiggsWaddodiggs New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    Finished 18 cost me 29 million hunter bucks to buy the assult and shotgun. 125 gold too to get the rifle. 5 animal calls and a total of 50 million hunter bucks to up grade and complete the game using I pad. Having problems. Some times can only hunt 1 or 2 hunts then reverts back th the deer hunter icon. Loose the perk videos rewards because the video goes blank at the end and reverts back th the deer hunter icon. Really starting to get aggravated.
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