This game becoming Dino Hunter deadly shores

The manThe man Registered Users 12 Posts
No updates Glu is screwing us again


  • brodeenbrodeen Registered Users 539 Posts
    Check on google play store if you play on android.
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  • SubH2OSubH2O Registered Users 603 Posts
    My update was there this morning without having to go to the Google Play store.
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  • nuggets911nuggets911 Registered Users 191 Posts
    I predict this game will be dead by March 2016.... after playing dh2014 this is like playing a Playstation 4 game and then going back to playing King's Quest 1 over computer... look it up for those who don't know what King's Quest 1 is... They would have been much better off jazzing up dh 2014 than releasing this piece of ****ola..... anyone who pays money to play this game should have their head examined... there are some nice features but overall it is substandard and doesn't even compare to dh2014...
    :mad:Glu, if you had any honor you would have already fallen on your samurai sword :mad:
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