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I got the update then hunted one hunt then got the gun pack for all 3 guns at 50% off so i bought it. Hunted 2 more hunts and ten had to leave game. when I got back to the game the guns where gone. So was my progress in Australia. Now I done have the Pack showing on top and have to pay full price.
What do I do about this.


  • RooneRoone Registered Users 253 Posts
    Sorry to hear that! Open a ticket in game and Customer Service can help you out!
  • guitsteelguitsteel Registered Users 108 Posts
    Not that I had planned on buying the pack, but Roone, you should pass on to the developers that anyone who won the Gold CTS was flagged as already owning the pack. We may already have the rifle but I am sure some would have bought it regardless for the other guns.
  • csalopekcsalopek Registered Users 1 Posts
    I had the exact same issue. I purchased the Region 7 weapons pack right after Region 7 came out because they were offering it for half price. I open and play this game on a daily basis, and this is rather frustrating that they would just take it away from me. I opened a ticket with Customer Care, and all I got was a reply saying Oh, we are so sorry. Really? I want my Region 7 weapons pack back!

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  • triggerhappytriggerhappy Registered Users 159 Posts
    Does anyone remember how much this gun pack was? I am ready to start the region but want to make sure I have enough gold to buy the gun pack. Thanks!
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