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My nephew deleted all the apps on my phone and I tried to redownload em, and when I went to get DH back I noticed that I had downloaded 2016 not 2014. Was pretty excited to see the new one and its great so far. Loving the gators haha. And the ear shots were a pleasant surprise. Still killing it with the eye shots but forgot about the one time offers, oh well.
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  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Senior Member Registered Users 1,247 Posts
    Where in this galaxy have you been? Good to see u back. I enjoyed DH2016 at the beginning but i uninstalled it a week ago after the game became purely competitive, not my way of relaxing. I restarted DH2014 a month ago and recompleted it, with a couple of bounties left. You will enjoy DH2016 until region 10, then it is like DinoHunter from there on (killing a successful game).
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    Welcome back DJ. I was just wondering about you a couple of days ago.
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    Haha. Yea I briefly read about some of yalls dislike. And figured as much but the hunting is super enhanced from what I remember in difficulty. Except eye shots seem easier haha. The whole part currency system is cool but having to shoot targets and over seems annoying. But all is well for me. Just been playing console games like ark survival.
    My device: iPhone 5c
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