Common Attachment Part drop rate?

FerretMarineFerretMarine New MemberRegistered Users 6 Posts
I easily played over 100+ missions (Elite + CTS) today where the 'common attachment part' was a possible drop. I got ONE.....just freaking ONE.When I first started a few months ago I was getting so many I couldn't use em all. Now...virtually nothing.Anyone else having this problem?PC FB Gameroom Win7


  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Senior Member LebanonRegistered Users 1,247 Posts
    Check previous posts. Common attachments have been extremely rare and come up like one in thirty hunts or so....
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  • FerretMarineFerretMarine New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Ahhh ok. Just seemed like I was getting a ton of them during the last event, now next to nothing.
  • blue ridgeblue ridge Experienced Member AshevilleRegistered Users 442 Posts
    Here it is December, and it's still a problem. Between that and the rarity of anything upgrading in the dive shop, it's pushing me to other games. This franchise (along with Dino Hunter) is my favorite for gameplay, and the live P2P matches are fantastic. But they make it DRAG on this way. I never thought I'd wish I could just play 100 contract hunts like in DH2014 and upgrade my stuff to whatever I needed, but I'd take it over this scarcity bs any day.
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  • drewdrewdrewdrew Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have had the same problem. I can’t upgrade my silver pistol’s attachments and am having a hard time finding ANY parts. I’ve been doing nothing but Elite challenges for days. The drop rate is so ridiculous that I’m almost done with the game. It’s a shame because I actually liked it enough to think about start spending on it. So far, I have only done the offers for free gold. 
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