Adding falconry as a hunting feature?

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Sorry I originally posted this somewhere else without realizing that there was a game specific discussion so it’s a copy paste.

So far I've loved all the different features of hunting. They're all so different and really shows that there's so many ways of hunting out there. But there is one other method that hasn't been covered and I think it would be really cool if it was ever added. Falconry, or hunting with birds in general. I know it's a dying trade, but it would be sooo interesting to see it as an option. My guess is it would start off with a simple falcon or hawk species like Lanner Falcon or Cooper's Hawk (Peregrines are the fastest to i'd assume it would be a harder one to unlock). Others to unlock would be eagles and owls, but to add more to the feature, there would be different species of the same bird of prey (like having Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles as possible birds etc.).
For gameplay I think it would be interesting to actually play as the bird. First scene is entering the zone with your bird on your gloved hand and them taking off. Then flying around to "find" the prey your looking for at random like how dogs are to find a specific animal. Then when you find it, what would make sense is buttons on the left and right, and there's a line on a bar in the middle to determine the birds flight balance and path. The prey will run forward and make some turns and you have to keep the bird on track (keeping the line in a certain area in the middle of the bar by pressing the left and right buttons) and stable as it slowly gets closer. There's a time limit before the prey gets to safety and getting too unbalanced would lose distance. Getting close enough would either automatically catch the prey or press a button in the middle to catch it. Training the birds for different skills like the dog: vision (increasing the chances of finding the specific prey animal) , control (line in bar moves less fast and erratic), speed (simply moving faster, therefore wasting less time), precision (how wide the "good zone" of the bar is when trying to maintain control), and stamina (increasing the overall flight time to allow more mistakes and a slower bird catch up).
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