Flawless upgrade and transfer

LoosemanLooseman Junior MemberRegistered Users 86 Posts
So the day is finally here. I'm typing on my new iPhone 6S+ game looks way nicer already, especially to my old eyes.

The transfer was painless. Backed up to iCloud and iTunes before going to the Verizon store. Took the new phone home updated the iOS and the wiped and restored from old phone. Game was reset till I connected with face book and all my data was restored.

Man that was scary😐
Ya ought ta know better than to mess with another mans hat


  • Teddy the EspurrTeddy the Espurr Junior Member Registered Users 51 Posts
    You iOS users get to have the good stuff.

    We Android users have this really unstable version that stutters for no reason, Apple's closed-off OS and app management somehow has a result that I envy a bit.
  • cajunpowerzcajunpowerz New Member Registered Users 33 Posts
    iPad Air over here has been shuddering , glitch in side to side pausing lagging. I'm ****ed cause it only really happens with my single shot guns.
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