Not receiving rewards for upgrading friends

deeztabletdeeztablet Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
Currently, I am on Chp. 4, Level 9. I've noticed this is the third time I smashed the piggy bank for upgrading my diner friends and I never received the items it said I won. For example, I was supposed to win 3 rainbows and didn't. 


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    deeztabletdeeztablet Registered Users, Member 2 Posts

    Venue/Chapter/Level - chp. 4, Level 9.What triggered the issue - Upgraded friends in the diner with my hearts Device info - Android Zenpad 10 tablet
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    SuperFlanSuperFlan Registered Users, Administrator, Member 52 Posts
    Hey deeztablet!

    Hm, that definitely shouldn't happen. I'd suggest contacting customer care and letting them know, but be sure to mention which Characters you upgraded! 

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