Filling out free offers?

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when i complete a free offer to get gems, i dont get the gems. What free offers do you guys complete to get the gems? Or am i just wasting my time?


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    I never get gems either. It says it will show up in my mailbox soon but it never does. I haven’t received anything in a long time in the “mail”. 
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    Hey all!

    These offers are typically paid out by TapJoy, a third party company. If you still haven't received your gems, you can contact them directly or contact our customer care team in the Help/FAQ section of your settings in game. They'll be able to help you out. Be sure to include proof of the complete offer, since TapJoy will be requesting it. Thanks! 
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    In-game gems sources breakdown:
    a. Daily Goals: 3 gems per day not including the final prize.
    b. Daily Deals: The first offer for gems is free, and on average you can earn 2.5 gems per reset.
    c. Weekly Delivery: 1-2 gems each week, 1.5 gems on average.
    d. Watching ads: You can watch 1 ad per 24 hours.
    e. Gems Galore:
    Currently there are 2 levels that yield the most gems, Chapter 16 Level 2 (will be back in the next update) and Chapter 11 Level 2/Chapter 12 Level 12. You should use your strongest connection possible to do this since the boosts timer are counted in real time!
    For Chapter 16 Level 2, there is a video I made a long time ago on that. Strategy is detailed in the video description:
    For Chapter 11 Level 2/Chapter 12 Level 12, here is a new video I just made:
    Reasoning for using these levels: Official description of Gems Galore stated every customer has a fixed chance to drop gems, so I used a level that I can serve as many customers as I can to have the best chances for gems to drop. Double DASH is used in combination to maximize the number of customers.
    Reasoning for using Quick Customers:
    Gordon normally orders in 1 second (0.5 seconds in hotel) so his order time won't be affected by Quick Customers. He takes 8 seconds to eat (5.25 seconds in hotel) so that value would drop quite a bit with Quick Customers, especially in diners. He is the longest eater after Norbert and Dorbert, but is the fastest orderer in the game.
    Quick Customers reduces order and eat time down to a flat 2 seconds no matter which customer it is (unless the customer is naturally faster than that). Since all customers eat and order faster in hotels than in diners, this effect can be less pronounced for faster customers, or even a net neutral in some cases like Barb.
    Combining all in-game methods (not offers) and with the fact you can get 1 Gems Galore per week on average, it's 2.5 gems*3 resets per day*7 days a weekfor Daily Deals per week + 5 gems from ads (assuming you miss 2 during the week) + 20 gems minimum from Gems Galore + 3 gems daily*7 days a week from Daily Goals + 1.5 gems from Weekly Delivery on average = 100 gems per week on average. There will be weeks you earn more than this amount and slightly less, so don't worry you can't do this!
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