Darla and Bernie can comeback?

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Hi! this is my first post im from Argentina and my english is little bad but i try my best sorry heheh, this is my suggestion for the game maybe is good or maybe not but some 1 remember the olds flo`s friends? like darla , margarita , tony , toshiro , and lost coustomers like bernie violeta the phone guys the teen agers with the phone the vip guy gordon etc, is posible in the future put dat characters in diner dash adventures? <3


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    Great ideas, PaulKnives!

    I'll let the team know you're interested in these characters! Always great to hear from players on what they'd like to see next :) 

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    Hi Paul!
    Bernie is a Librarian and Detective in Dinertown now. He is introduced in chapter 17 of the story. Unfortunately he is the only character of the list you mentioned that has comeback to the game.

    Exist the rumors about wedding dash and Queen coming back around the story of the Queenie-Kingston weeding but isn't official that.
    Frankly I made a post about the VIP and other ideas around here in the forums. So you can check them out too (still wondering what happened to Florence Disco from Dinner Dash 4)
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    Thanks for all the suggestions, y'all! Always great to hear from our players, especially when you're digging through some really old content for ideas!

    Also, I hadn't seen Bernie's Spanish translation just yet! He's got a fun last name :) 
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    I also loved the old characters and their graphics
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