Down the memory line: Rosie old work and crush.

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Welcome to the first post of this kind that I will made. Here we will remember the past of Dinertown and the stories form the people that lives there.
We will start with Rosie backstory in Soap Opera Dash.

The only thing I can't understand is what happened that makes Rosie change of profession and become a teacher?


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    Hey, from your post I have just thought of an idea to bring Soap Opera Dash back into the new game. The following are basic concepts of it:
    1. Basically it will be based on the idle management game Groundhog Life, but simpler: You manage how much time Rosie will spend her day sleeping, working on the plays at the stage and researching. Her schedule works in real 24-hour time and her plan cannot be changed during the day it happens, so you must plan things in advance!
    2. Currency for this event will be Rosie's hearts. This will help players gather her hearts more quickly to get her to Level 20, and guess what, Level 20 will be a requirement to finish the event (I got this idea from you guys forcing us to max the coffee cup in Greasy Spoon for Shakes' side quest).
    3. The final prize we get from this event is a stage decor, starting from a small set which turns into a Broadway-level stage in the final level.
    4. No tasks this time, there will be dialogues every time you reach a new level for the decor.
    Now for the specifics on how the event works and things you can do:
    1. Rosie generates hearts idly only from working at the stage (she will not gain hearts from sleeping and researching), but it will be a minimal amount. You can increase the amount by filling her stamina which acts as a bonus bar, or increasing her customer level (multiplies the regeneration rate) and loyalty level in venues (multiplies hearts earned in venues).
    2. The only way to fill her stamina is sleeping. The more she sleeps the more stamina she can refill, and her stamina has a cap similar to the supplies cap, it won't grow past the cap. Her bar will have the maximum at 100 stamina points and here is how her stamina affects her hearts regeneration rate, which decreases over time:
    2a. Double (100% bonus) the regeneration rate: 91-100 stamina points
    2b. 75% bonus to the regeneration rate: 81-90 stamina points
    2c. 50% bonus: 71-80 stamina points
    2d. 25% bonus: 61-70 stamina points
    2e. 0% bonus: 50-60 stamina points
    At lower than 50 stamina points, the regeneration rate will be halved. No one would love this at all.
    3. Researching for a new play is the requirement to level up the stage, in addition to upgrade all the props using hearts (camera, dressing room etc, you guys can see those in Soap Opera yourself), and the price of the new stage. She must spend hours in real time researching, and you can only research the play for the next level upgrade to, no further than that. Also, Rosie must reach a certain customer level for each stage upgrade.
    4. At each new level, you have to buy all the props upgrades using hearts from the start, again. This is similar to idle game's prestige system, but no, you won't gain hearts any faster each time. Level up Rosie and increase her loyalty are the only method to do so.
    Other ways to collect Rosie's hearts during the event:
    1. "Capture" paparazzi sneakily taking pictures of Lina Sayer/Simon the Star around the town, similar to the Palentine's cards.
    2. Weekly Delivery.
    3. VIP Challenge, rewards for beating Level 2 and Level 4.
    4. Serving Rosie in venues, of course.
    What the stage will do after the event ends/completes:
    1. An idle source of hearts for other characters: You can choose a character and let them do plays to increase their hearts.
    2. Scheduling for Rosie's time will still work, and researching for a new play is to get new animations for the stage. Working will increase the number of hearts earned for the character and sleeping will refill the stamina bar.

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