Concept Idea: Better Map Catalog - Decoration Sets

valkyrieskirtvalkyrieskirt Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I would love a revamped decoration feature that would allow me to easily switch between venue decoration sets (like character costume collections or Flo's outfits). The current map catalog is incredibly ineffective and only shows the portion of decorations that requires keys. The only way to fully equip one set is to highlight each feature and change it one at a time. A better map catalog would list all the decoration sets for each venue and within those decoration sets, it would list all the elements required to complete the set (coins and/or keys).


  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Registered Users 211 Posts
    Thanks! We all really want that, and I understand they are really having a lot of things to do with the food truck, a wedding venue might be in the works, and many things else :( I suggested this long ago since it takes a very long while for me to make videos on the decors for this, so we might have to wait real long for that. The door for Grandma's House missing which I reported ever since Game of Thorns was released only got fixed from this update, so just please be patient. They are only a small team doing a many-in-1 game compared to larger scale teams like the Gardenscapes or Homescapes team so we might have to wait if it's not an urgent thing for them to do :(
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