New Zone Suggestion: Champagne Falls

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Backstory: Champagne Falls was the 5 district in Dinertown Tycoon game where you battle in a Tycoon game mode against the evil company Grub Burger.
Here is knowest as the richest district of Dinertown (probably Mr. Big residence could be here) and count with at least 3 restaurants: Bao, Beauchamp and X-3000

Owner: Sasha
This restaurant is a Asian oriented. With Bamboo and Zen decorations.

*Peking Duck jambalaya
*Sasha’s Savory Coconut Bisque
*Fish and Fowl Carpaccio on Seaweed
*Lucky Duck Dumplings
*Bao Wow Croquettes
*Happy Buddha Rolls
*Surf and Turf Wraps
*Coconut Ice Cream with Lychee Granita

The special addition i will add to this restaurant will be the introduction of the counter (a larger table with many seats). There you can sit groups of 1 or 2 costumers until get filled (max spaces 5).

Owner: Pierre Beauchamp
This is a French oriented restaurant. With references to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Luvre.

*Seaweed Beef Skewers with Nectarine Sauce
*Le Muscovy Duck and Tuna Burger
*Lychee Glazed Tuna
*Spiced Coconut Duck
*Lobster Fricasse with Fruit Glaze
*Treasures of the Sea
*Lychees stuffed with Cream Truffle Sauce
*Incomparable Ice Cream

The special addition to it could be a painter that creates portraits of the costumers when they are completely happy for extra tips. Upgrade this will grant more tips and do it faster.

Owner: Dr. Blowfish
A high tech restaurant inspired by the experimental cuisine. Use mostly test tubes and other gadgets to create the food.

*Sea of Tranquility
*Pearls of Wisdom
*Clouds of Jupiter
*Mars Explorer
*The Three Elements
*A Perfect Storm
*Escape Pods
*The Cake

Addition i will add to this venue:
*Robo-Flo: as reference to "Flo Trough time" DLC in dinner Dash 4 this robot will try to analyze and imitate Flo behavior, personality and service experience to become like Flo. This robot will autoserve 1 table/room once has fully analyzed flo serving tables or rooms (like 5 times for example). Afther you use it, the robot need to analyze again to be used again.

* Autoserver
This high tech TV will transmit the order of a costumer that it isn't in the restaurant in the line and this TV can turn on at any time to be attended. An image of the costumer will appear and in a think bubble the order to take,.in place of attending directly the costumer a flying robot will take the order and leave to serve the costumer wherever he/she is.

Costumers/Citizens of Dinertown

• Martha (The millionaire Lady)
"A eccentric millionaire that leaves bigger tips of hearts and coins as long as she leaves fully happy"

• Jane (Fashion expert)
"An expert in fashion, Jane looks always to match her dress with her room or seat"
- Jane loss patient faster if you didn't do a color match with her.

• Simon Star
(Concept already created in a past post)

• Chloe and Kathleen ( Mother and Daughter)
"Never try to separate them, Chloe and Kathleen will always come as group. Keep a eye on Kathleen!"
- Kathleen in Restaurants will leave a mess up, tap on it to make Flo clean in with a mop"
-  Kathleen in Hotel will separate of Chloe. Tap on her so she can retour to her mother

• Sturmdrang (Goon)
"Mr. Big personal chef (kinda) wants to show his supremacy by mixing order bubble or costumers"
- Sturmdrang use his mixer hand prosthesis to mixing order of costumers around him. You can attend the costumer if you remember what he/she ordened or attend Sturmdrang first to revert the effect

Areas of Dinertown to restore:
Dinertown Opera House
Mr. Big Mansion
Devon Air Residence
Golf Club
Dinertown Networks (Tv studio, where Pepper works)
Champagne Falls natural wonder
Dinertown Observatory


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    Oh your ideas are brilliant! However, I would like to ask if you have any specifics for the counter table feature: Will it function similar to the Townies system in Diner Dash 5 (bonus points/extra orders when you can fill in another customers) or there's a brand new mechanics behind it?
    For new mechanics, I can think of the counter will give bonus stats (patience, or even a slight chance to drop items), but will only work if all of its seats are occupied. Or there must be a special item served for customers sitting in the table similar to the Champagne Bucket for the Deluxe Estate Room. Lots of room for thinking here actually lol
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  • WinterbottonWinterbotton Registered Users, Member 16 Posts
    The counter I was thinking about how the table in dinner Dash 2 worked. But i see  that maybe the dinner Dash 5 concept you bring works better for this game. Once the table is full the combination of the costumers will determine the patience and the speed of ordering. Like if you put Barb and Norbert you will get a patient and faster combination.

    Also a special combo if you put characters of the same color (except goons).
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