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Backstory: Thyme Square has been knowest as the business district of Dinertown in Dinertown Tycoon, Dinner dash 5 and Avenue Flo series. This is where one of Flo friends have his business running, Tony, Currently married with Mr. Big daughter Vicky.

Tony's Ristorante (Italian restaurant)
Owner: Tony (and Vicky)

Tomato Risotto
Fettuccine a la Tony
Tomato & Potato Gnocchi
Potato Pizza
Creamy Chesse Risotto
Rice Pudding Cannoli
Tony's Signature Lasagna
Chesse and Potato Wild Rice Soup

Special feature:
Fireplace - Tony keeping the traditional way to make Italian food, he will need to keep the fire of his stations turned on. For that Flo must spend time keeping the fire on so the dishes can be maded.

Golden Fleece (Bringed by accident to the present thanks to Grandma Time-Machine Microwave) [A Greek Restaurant]
Owner: Apollo (The Greek citizen)

Creamy Tomato Boureki
Tiropita & Pilaf
Lentil soup of the Argonauts
Jason's Pork Souvlaki
Nico's Spartan Surprise
Mount Olympus Ambrosia
Media's Meltizanes

Special feature:
Salads Stand - Like in Dinner dash 5 the salad stand will be used by the costumers rather that orden food if they want. For refill the stand, Flo must go to the stand take a note of what needed (like a order of a costumer) and Apollo will make the supplies that Flo (likw caring a order of a costumer) must deliver to the stand. The costumer will serve salad automatically as long the stand have resources. Mindy servers double rations.

Shiva (A India theme restaurant)
Owner: Lakshimi

Good Karma Samosas
Creamy Lamb Curry over Rice
Pork Cutlets with Cheese Dahl
Chicken & Pork Tikka Masala
Spicy Saffron Tomatoes
Vivacious Vindaloo
Spicy Pork over Dahl

Special Feature:
"Festival of lights" lights - A Combination of the "Festival of lights" concept in Cooking Dash and the Blackout feature in the fish shack in Dinner Dash 2015 version. Here the lights will keep illuminated the restaurant for you but you must keep an eye on them to keep them on. Beatrix if is seated close to one light she will try to turn it off faster that usual. Inside blackout zones Flo can't recognize costumers or colors (neither orders)

Citizens of Dinertown

Agora (The shy girl)
" A shy introvert girl that prefer small places. Don't try to put her in Big places"
- Agora will act as the opposite of Beatrix and Max, she will like to be in a small table/room

Tyler (The Football player)
" A rising star in football, Tyler don't like wasting time outside his training in Dinertown University, unless Tina is around"
- Low patience, Fast in order and eating.
- Seated/assigned close to Tina. High patience, slow ordering and eating.

Tina (The A-class student)
"Chearleader, leader of 11 school club and best in her class, Tina is like her mom in the university. Focus in her duties, unless Tyler is close"
- Low patience, fast in order and eating
- seated/assigned close to Tyler. High patience, slow ordering and eating.

"Lawrence, Lewis and Lowjack" (3 Goons)
"Mr. Big lawyers, they like to get in dispute with citizens that aren't the same color that them"
- Lawrence carry a Red suitcase, he gets color match with red tables or rooms, and don't bother anyone that is close to him if is red dressed
- Lewis carry a Green suitcase, he gets color match with green tables or room, and don't bother anyone that is close to him if is green dressed
- Lowjack carry an Blue suitcase, he gets color match eith blue tables or room, and don't bother anyone that is close to him if is blue dressed
- They can stand each other (and yes they are triplets)

Vicky (Mr. Big Daughter)
" The beloved daughter of Mr. Big. A living prove that the apple can drop far away of the tree"
- If Vicky is in the restaurant/hotel, Beatrix can be swapped or assigned a small table or room
- if Vicky is in the restaurant/hotel, Devon glasses stop working.
- Flip is inmune to Vicky presence

Areas of Dinertown to Restore:
Big Corp Tower
Barb "Gardenscapes" (a secret garden that Barb keeps close to her work to prevent overstress)
Queen Wedding services (Cupid department over the building, probably for events happened in weeding dash 3)
Little Venetia
Tony house
Dinertown Movie theater
Dinertown Mall
Beatrix Boutique
L, L & L Lawyers
Dinertown airport
Dinertown Wall Street

Side notes:
1° Tina i will consider her as Barb daughter, for extra information about her reference to her mother in the description
2° Mr. Big can be bad against everyone in Dinertown, except of her daughter. He will do ANYTHING to protect her and make her happy. He struggles to be a good father.
3° Beatrix used to have a fashion designer with her own boutique before working in Big Corp. Could be a good idea her her with her business?


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    Your concepts are really well thought out!
    Vicky as an angel customer really does shine! I don't know if you got that idea from Quinn in the game files being a reverse-Flip (one boost 20% happiness, one lowers 20% happiness), but regardless of that, it's still a great idea!
    The Salad Stand is a combination of the existing occupy stations (the spa, dance floor, and the upcoming photo booth in the bakery) and a food item dispenser, and it's something brought from older games and still fits into the current game style!
    The lawyers, hmm... Actually from the game files we do know Flip is gonna be a Specialist customer, and no more stink clouds which lower happiness others from him, so how about making the lawyers the ones with it, but with the conditions you wrote earlier? If a nearby customer in their range has the same color as them, their happiness will be reduced because the lawyers want to see them in court? The triplet concept might not work well in this game since it's not what they intended from the start (they want the seating and chaining to be as simple as possible while promoting other mechanics), so it will be a random single lawyer appear in the venue each time (or a pair if they want to make it more difficult).
    However, there are some of your ideas that make the game too difficult to play, since it won't fit the timeframe of a 2-minute game. Shutting off the lights is fine, but giving Beatrix another behavior is kinda too complicated. The lights out alone, even with 3 seconds is already a nightmare :( And this is a casual game so I get it that they want to make things easier to understand and not to drag out our time playing it.
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