Event story not playing

hutts95hutts95 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
edited January 2022 in Bugs and Issues
For the past two events, Quinn’s Victoria and Mad Science, I can play the levels but none of the story plays. 


  • RavenFaeRavenFae Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I’m having the same issue. There has been no story line for me for the past 4 events, including the newest one just released today.
    I’ve had no context for why I’m doing any tasks and it kinda makes the game pretty boring…
  • BluejelloBluejello Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Yeah, I didn't get the storyline with the new April update. After 3 days of back and forth, support tried to tell me that the lack of storyline was intentional.  
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