Secret Menu Complete - Not receiving post-50 rewards

Jessica704Jessica704 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
  1. Secret Menu - Secret Menu Premium Active
  2. What triggered the issue - As far as I can tell nothing triggered the issue
  3. Device info - Galaxy S9
  4. Screenshots - N/A
I am not receiving rewards for the secret menu now that it is complete. I noticed when I first completed the secret menu that the number of event items needed to get to the next reward initially showed as "0/4000". The next time I reloaded the game, it was back to the typical "0/300"+ that I'm used to during these events, but I was already at level 54 at that point and hadn't received the chest rewards for the previous four levels. I was hoping that the rewards would resume as normal the next time I hit the level cap, but that has not happened. I am now level 59 (almost 60) in the current event, and have not received any rewards. Could this be an issue with the new Secret Menu Premium option? I didn't have this issue before with the regular Secret Menu purchase option.
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