VIP Multiplier & Boxes

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As EVERYONE is aware, the VIP multiplier has NEVER given anything but the minimum X2. This is a GLOBAL issue since this app became official in April.

Here is what this overpaid CS department responded with….

” Thank you for reaching out. This is Kriss, and I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered pulling a higher Bonus Gift Multiplier. Please do not worry, as we are here to help. We've checked the multipliers on our end and we were able to confirm that they are working as intended. Please know that the multipliers are determined randomly.”

They confirmed all of this within 20 minutes of my ticket.

So not only is that “team” redefining INCOMPETENT on a daily basis, CS continues to wear that same crown it has always earned.

Just a Silver team from the wrong side of the tracks, so what do I know? 🤷
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