Introduce yourself and tell us about this year's MLB postseason

Hello everyone! How do you do. My name is Ryosuke. I live in Japan, but I love MLB and enjoyed watching this year's 2023 season! 

There are several teams that I like, but the New York Mets are my favorite, and the success of pitchers Pete Alonso and Kodai Senga is also an influence. In the U.S., I think that different states have different favorite teams so, I want to enjoy the atmosphere of the real American MLB through studying abroad and traveling!

 Well, what caught my attention this time was the 2023 MLB postseason. My final two predictions were the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves,

but the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks were the two teams that came out of the wildcard round, and I was really surprised by the result!

Why do you think these two teams came out on top? I'd like to hear a lot of opinions. Thank you in advance! 

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