Which team will win next year?

 Good evening, everyone ! This is a post from late at night. This time we have a question about the 2024 MLB season next year. This year, the Texas Rangers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, who also won the wild card, 4-1, to win their first world title. However, having seen this kind of matchup in this year's postseason, I felt that every team had a chance to become the best in the world, regardless of whether it was the district champion or the 100-win team during the season.

 Also, there are two reasons why I felt this way. The first is the long period between the regular season and the postseason. The teams that perform well and earn the seeding will have to wait for the team to come out of the wild card, which will dull their game sense. However, if you have a packed schedule from the beginning, like the Texas Rangers this time, you won't lose your sense of the game even if you get tired after winning. This schedule is one of the topics that is currently being discussed by the MLB Association.

The second reason is the strength of the Texas Rangers in enemy territory (away games). This time, the Texas Rangers also set a new record with 11 consecutive wins in enemy territory. Regardless of the environment, it is a great strength to be able to demonstrate the power of individuals and teams as a whole.

 With this in mind, which team do you think will be able to win the world title next year? Also, I haven't mentioned player transfers or strength here, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me that as well. Thank you in advance !

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