Problem Glu Credits

Hi, 2 days ago i downloaded Eternity Warriors 2 , when i start playin my glu credits we're on minus (-29264719 just an example). What can i do?


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    TicTacTicTac Registered Users 46 Posts
    Private Message me if you need anything.
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    shannyshanny Registered Users 440 Posts
    Hi Shorty,,If you file a ticket with customer service at the link that tic tac has provided, they can help you better. This matter cannot be dealt with in the forums because they will need some personal information from you. Good Luck!!!!;)
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    T4underboltT4underbolt Registered Users 54 Posts
    I had this bug many months ago and it fixes itself after I played EW2 online and then get into the game offline.
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    stewstew Registered Users 109 Posts
    On glus main forum support page theirs an app u can DL and run to fix missing glu credits
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