Bug report


I have noticed a few bugs in boss rush:
- Bug 1: killing an enemy outside of the "ring" can drop items outside and the item can not be picked up. This is a minor bug I think and easy to reproduce.
- Bug 2: the large spiders in boss rush 4 seems to sometime one shoot you when they throw poison at you, it happened to me a couple of times. I'm on fully upgraded wyrm stuff and I can stay minutes under their poison without loosing any HP but sometime randomly die instantly - with the HP bar still green!

Black dragon:
- Bug 3: sometimes black dragon bug after the crystal phase: once the crystals have been destroyed, you need to give a few hits to the dragon before it takes off (3 hits with fully upgraded dragon braker to be exact). Randomly black dragon stays on the ground and does not move, even after a charge or any other attack and you have to quit the level.
EW3 - Mage lvl51 / 11.5K gs

EW2 (retired) -Grand Dragon Lord - LVL70
Dragon Braker / Full Mystery armor


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    lauapiklauapik Registered Users 490 Posts
    Like you I have fully maxed out wyrm armor and dragon breaker and I can literally walk in the poison mist unscathed in the black dragon's arena yet drop dead with my HP still nearly fully green. This happens not only to me but also my partner in multiple player at least once every day.
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