Eternity warrior 2 update 3.0.1 bug

This update causes my iphone 5 to crash . Everything loads up fine until before reaching the main menu. when first launched after update it downloads something thats 1.4 mb i believe then shows a screen that is right before you get to the main menu. The ad shows up but stays blank and half a second after the ad appears (which is usual when starting eternity warriors 2 for a ad to show up)the game crashes . This works great for my ipad 3rd generation and everything loads up fine. But like i said on the iphone 5 it crashes right before getting to the main menu. Needless to say im on iOS and using gamecenter. I can send you guys (glu support or gli mods on this forum) the crash report with the thread that crashed and the process that was loading at the time or happening of the crash to help for future updates, extra info to help with my issue or whatever you chose . I can also post it below but i think it will take up to much space unless you (glu support or moderators/admins of these forums) tell me to do so . Thank you for reading and for your time. If issue can be resolved quickly and without crash report that would be very good too


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    T4underboltT4underbolt Registered Users 54 Posts
    As I see you're not the first person to report this bug. It can be related to your iOS version and phone. For some people EW2 works fine with iphone5 and newest iOS for others bug is appearing.
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    Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    Just wanted to post that the bug was either fixed in a "hotfix" that was quietly released or it just went away on its own over time
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