No needs to buy gems I know the secret to get from boss rush even your cha. Is weak

d1n143d1n143 Registered Users 53 Posts
:cool: guys very easy to gets gems without buying.
Since before I used to it gems then when games get problem like crashes freezing reset and etc. the result was frustrating so what I did I do research and do thinking how to counter them. Hahahaha cool..

Thanks for helping... (Secret)


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    mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
    you join a strong player game session and hope they do all the work?

    im happy to help out a weaker player, doesnt even bother me if they run around or died in one hit.. if they smart enough they stay on and wait till the stage is finish then they get easy glu coins

    one thing i do notice on multiplayer is that when other player is dead i do get the notificationg your teammate has picked up something
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    d1n143d1n143 Registered Users 53 Posts
    No even I do not join strong prayer I still do and I help also weaker player but sometimes they were drop out.
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