Glu credit bug update (Glu team should read this)

Well I have Frontline Commando and just earned some Glu Credits from beating a boss there, and again no credits in Eternity Warriors 2, so something major is broken. I have the newest firmware for a Samsung SII Epic 4G Touch, so that's not the issue. As I mentioned before if Google Play Services crashes the game may crash shortly after that. It has gotten better since minor in-game update, but still happening in low 3G signal area. Any ideas to fix this?


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    bbillerbbiller Registered Users 3 Posts
    Been a few days and my Glu credits are gone (only had 3) so not too big of a deal, but still not getting credit under Boss Rush room 2. I have beaten that room repeatedly, with the same results. Help!!
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    mhraquitecturamhraquitectura Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have the same problem, when I win glu credits, they do not add
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    wasp3mimwasp3mim Registered Users 2 Posts
    Don't know what is going on whit a Glu Network ?
    Afte I'm installed CK2 , I start using my GluCredit ...
    And then SUPRICE. I have listed my whole GC,
    from 1000 GC it goes down to 0 GC.
    WHY ?! WHY ?! WHY ?!
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    lokidiabellokidiabel Registered Users 1 Posts
    Same here. I cant get any more Glue Credits. Opened 2 Tickets. No fix. Dont wana to start from Level 1 Again. I am currently LVL 61.... Help Please !

    I cant earn any Glue Credits ingame anymore... !
    Any suggestions
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    great-mangreat-man Registered Users 2 Posts
    Me too i didmt get tokens from the pvp or anything
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    vinxovinxo Registered Users 1 Posts
    Me too, I win glue credits but the balance is always zero
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    dark_mesihdark_mesih Registered Users 2 Posts
    apparently most of ppl living same problem and glu team still do nothing. nice works guys keep continue like that way and we disappointed every single day.
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