Guys reminder! Don't be surprise when you incounter problems in your games in glu.

d1n143d1n143 Registered Users 53 Posts
It's always be like these when glu makes an updates they always makes problems. That why you most ready and don't surprise. It's always always happen.... What's out for the next update what will happen.


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    Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    D1n143 please stop saying that glu has problems when I myself have payed for gems and have never encountered any problems of data loss or anything like that. I have updated my game waaaay before 3.0 came out, I always update to the latest version with no problems at all and in every update my data has stayed the same in all of the many many many updates I have made in this game. If this were true don't you think that a lot of users would be mad and complaining about this? You have started way to many threads about glu having problems, glu stealing money, glu doing a bad job and that if users pay for in game currency, money, they will get their account reset,mlike i told you mines have never reset. So im going to close this thread because its just to many you have made so far about the same subject, im pretty sure you have started more than 5 or more threads about glu and "issues" it has. Please just keep the thread you have started with, we even closed your other thread because of the same issue with this.
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