Multiplayer andriod and ios??

Is there a way to start a multplayer session using android and iOS device???


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    Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    You can not play cross platform . For example if i have a iphone and you have a galaxy s3 we cant play together because we use different networks to connect to multiplayer
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    USAKSCUSAKSC Registered Users 33 Posts
    What about the iMac OSX? Can players on a mobile device play with a person using OSX (iMac) or are all the people I see online using iMac's?

    Actually I think I can answer my own post since OSX is version 2.01 and the mobiles are at 3.X I don't think they are compatible.

    OSX (iMac) users are the game's step-children told to sit in the corner with an inferior product. Still a great game but envious and longing the upgraded version.
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