The Official Cheater Reporting Thread!

So I've been playing pvp for a bit now, and have encountered a few cheaters with abnormal Power Rating.
From my experience, their power rating can be anywhere from mildly above legit to ridiculous values.

As far as I know, highest legit power rating is ~12,000-12,500; Correct me if you can prove otherwise.

If you encounter any cheaters with higher than possible Power Rating, upload a screenshot of the Results Screen at the end of the battle, and state which server you encountered them on(North America, Asia, Europe, China).

If any moderators come across this thread, I'm hoping you can alert devs/admins about these players and take action against their battle points/character/tournament access.

I will be continuing to post screenshots of obvious cheaters, this is a problem that needs to be fixed asap.

I was unable to damage this player enough to win before i burned 2 bars of rage. 60050 Power Rating... ridiculous.
China Server

This guy could bring me down to 25% with 2 dash strikes, without blade whirl + ground smash.
North America server
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