I've done the white dragon..

Hello EW 2 players and glu team,

Like that title says, I've killed the white and the red dragon and my Rpoints are still the same, like 111, could you check it for me ?
bcr.bogdan is the gamecenter/nickname account.



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    lauapiklauapik Registered Users 490 Posts
    If you killed the dragons in Solo Player mode the renown points will appear only in you game quest - renown points. You must play Multiplayer mode to get the renown points to appear in the Game Centre. If you have already played a MP dragon lair game, you should have your rpoints in the GC by now. Check and see.
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    bcr.bogdanbcr.bogdan Registered Users 2 Posts
    I've killed it in multiplayer mode, as far as my level is only 53. Thanks for your answer, but I wanted to check up my fighter rank via Quests button.
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