From Lv 70 to 1. Why doesn't GLU fix this bug?

I have been playing for months on a iMac to get to Grand Dragon Lord lv70 and yesterday I was send back to lv 1 as if I was just beginning. What happen?

In the past when I've deleted the game and reinstalled I would still be at my previous level but this happened all by itself.

Is there any was to get all that work back?

I've read that this happens to other people so there must be some flaw/bug in the game.

Does GLU like making people start all over to continue playing or pay more IAP?


  • renerene Registered Users 2 Posts
    Did you find a way to get it back ? Same thing happened to me please let me kno
  • dark_mesihdark_mesih Registered Users 2 Posts
    i lived smiliar thing, my character decrease level 55 to level 29 and my all items gone. are there any way to resolve this?
  • pepeverazzpepeverazz Registered Users 1 Posts
    aguien sabe ago de este problema?
  • worldpcgenworldpcgen Registered Users 11 Posts
    This happed 2u bcus you playing same game same acct more than one device.
  • Dug_CX7Dug_CX7 Registered Users 14 Posts
    I think only solution is not to buying anything from Glu. Few days ago I lost level AGAIN. Very stupid game or GLU game developers of this game. Its not normal. I turn-on game with comment - we found some abnormalities at your character, you can not play multiplayer. And of course I am lvl 1. What can I say?
  • USAKSCUSAKSC Registered Users 33 Posts
    worldpcgen wrote: »
    This happed 2u bcus you playing same game same acct more than one device.

    Not true. I play on an iMac only and it happened to me and I know others playing on a single device.
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