Yesterday level 38, today back to level 1.

Hi there,

Playing on Android 4.2.1.
This morning I started the game and I was back in the training level just like I had deleted all my data, but I didn't !

I often saved with Google cloud service.
So I play the training level so that I can reach menu and try to load from Google could service... but nothing. It says that the save was well loaded but I'm still level 2 (got level 2 during training level) just like I started a new game :(

What a disappointment !

I did not include the save in the backup of my phone because I trusted the Google Cloud save...
Anyway I don't have the time to backup the phone every time I play (everyday).

Is there any solution ?
Am I able to retrieve my save somewhere on the phone under Android/[data/obb]/com.glu.ewarriors2 or something ?


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    USAKSCUSAKSC Registered Users 33 Posts
    This seems to be an ongoing bug/defect that GLU has not or will not addressed. It occurs across all platforms (iOS, OSX, and Android)
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    Byron limingByron liming Registered Users 1 Posts
    i got the same problem , even my inventory and moneys are all gone, i have level 72, and got nothing now....:(
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    parcaparca Registered Users 1 Posts
    I got the same problem. Is there any chance to get lvl and items back? Or we have to start from begin?
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