omg...what have you done.!!!!!


i think game's dead to me after this update.

So, every time i try to join pvp i get the message that game detected a prob with my files...WTF????

i play the game on a nexus 7 with the latest OS WITHOUT ROOT, I'VE NEVER TOUCHED MY TABLET, NEVER

i can't play pvp, and now i can't even farm BR, since this update we can only play 2 times a day each BR lvl......

So i ask you glu...what's the objective? that everyone stop playing this game?

I've been scrolling the forum and it looks like it's not just how are you going to make money if you drive players away?

For me i'm done with glu games, i've spend lots of hours/days playing other glu games to get glu credits to update my armor in EW2 in order to be competitive in PVP...but despite the fact that my tablet was never rooted i can't play pvp...well done glu


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    hi sergio
    today since EW2 has changes policy in terms of play rule we cannot expect them to be as before nowadays often network disconnected from server or waiting in room bla bla bla so on that all rubbish
    the glu now are trying promote EW3 and EW2 slowly disappear in online market soon will be offline game because they are switch to new era EW3 please takenote.
    i'm advance player in EW2

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    Where did u get that info. about EW3?
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