Glu credits keeps adding

Im not sure if its just me. I recently bought some glu credits for 9.99$ (260 glu credits) to open 3 mysterious boxes. But when ever i go into Eternity Warriors 2 again, and when i click the mysterious box, i keep getting Glu credits out of no where! But i think it stopped, tho im not so sure why it was doing that. Anyone els had this problem?


  • mohicanmohican Registered Users 326 Posts
    How exactly is getting extra glu credits a problem?
  • MegaPatronMegaPatron Registered Users 9 Posts
    Maybe cuz i didn't pay for those extra Glu credits? It would feel kinda wrong to buy stuff if i didn't get the glu credits legetly. Unless Glu is doing some type of promo thing and giving away free glu credits?
  • MegaPatronMegaPatron Registered Users 9 Posts
    Ok maybe it didn't stop. I now have 4,666 glu credits...this is weird.
  • golesy2012golesy2012 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Aren't u happy with that?
  • MegaPatronMegaPatron Registered Users 9 Posts
    I don't know...I now have 5K glu credits. It just don't feel right :s and YES im so tempted to buy stuff! But im just afraid id get in trouble for doing so
  • JonWayneJonWayne Registered Users 459 Posts
    just make sure your account/ credit card doesn't get deducted for all these credits.
  • MegaPatronMegaPatron Registered Users 9 Posts
    It hasn't. I checked. Again i only bought the 260 glu credits(9.99$) I even have the receipt in my gmail
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