Does the Butcher's Legging (free) really have any effect?

taidoke86taidoke86 Registered Users 3 Posts
I upgraded the Bucher's Legging (free) to maximum, but it seem does not increase any defense. I wore the Wyrm Slayer Legging to fight Black Dragon, and I recieved much less damage than the Bucher's Legging. Even though it has much more defense points than the Wyrm Slayer Legging. Does anyone can explain me why?


  • mohicanmohican Registered Users 326 Posts
    The wyrm slayer armors are made for dragon slaying as their name implies. They have stronger defense against elemental attacks and more hp useful against the dragons I guess whereas the butcher armors have more base defence which is basically needed against other player attacks plus the reduced pvp damage. So butcher armor is made for pvp and wyrm slayer armor for dragons. Mystery armor is still prbli the best all round armor against both dragons in boss rush and pvp
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