Character reset..

Hey all, today i wanted to log in to play eternity warriors 2. the game loaded up until around 90% and crashed. i tried restarting my phone etc but it still didn't work.
i was glad i saved my game to the cloud just yesterday after getting some epic loot so i reinstalled the game, logged in to my google account and accessed the cloud. i wanted to load my character (because obviously it was reset to level 1) but it said there was no cloud file! so all my items (including items bought with glu coins) are GONE. my position in the current tournament (it was 88) is obviously gone.

how do you expect me to start all over again, play for weeks with the chance of this happening again? why is there a cloud save option that DOESN'T save anything..

anyway, i will wait with playing the game again until i get a good response. if not i will uninstall the game because this is awful, i have searched varius sites about this very issue and this has been going on since the cloud save option was brought to life in this game. so... what are we going to do about this? because this is asking for trouble and more angry people...

Best regards, Skull


  • mohicanmohican Registered Users 326 Posts
    Android's cloud does not work well at all. It also automatically saves your game data from when you finish the tutorial so it overwrites whatever data you had before. Better offf using Helium for manual backup.
    You probably won't be able to get your saved data back but i can very much help you, just let me know in pm or facebook (link in sig)
  • gemmo44gemmo44 Registered Users 9 Posts
    Same thing happen to me last month game was not starting on my Iphone then I though I can delete and download again but it reset the level 69 to 1 and I lost almost 2m coins and fully upgraded weapon the one we get from kill black dragon. so now I am playing again with poor weapon with level 53 now another problem game crashes online but can play offline, so I guess that must be something to do with game and I am not going to delete the game again lol will wait few days and see what happens.
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