EW2 reset to level 1 !!!

I am playing on ios 7.0.4 and game reset to level one just now :( I was level 60 and just about getting good with armor and weapon. this is third time happening to me is there any way I can bring back my level 60 char? I tried icloud from phone but still install level 0 game grrr. is this happen to anyone or just me?


  • Nyc271Nyc271 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I was crazy level 70 and suddenly it was reset to level 1 as well!!!
    Please do Sotho g about it. I am playing this game on daily basis and
    It is a great disappointment to loose all this time I played in a sec.
  • ForbiddenForbidden Registered Users 20 Posts
    I was 73 level with butcher armors (part's) and dragons bane full upgraded weapon and I turned on on level 1...!!!
  • alexandaralexandar Registered Users 2 Posts
    Help and to me i was 53 lvl with good armor and weapon almoust all skils and was with 950 points in tournament can some1 help me pls
  • a1ex3da1ex3d Registered Users 1 Posts
    Some problem on OS Mavericks. After 60 level without any reason Login at my account but level 1 and keybinding reset.
  • ivaiva Registered Users 3 Posts
    i was 71 lvl with fully upgrade widow makers ,HOE ,winter heat reborn ,wyrm slear sholder ,mystery amp and leggens ,and butcers belt and amp ,and also have 2 generals helms and the beheader .When instal EW3 , EW2 crashed ,I start from 1lvl and there was nothing in the cloud .Any sugestions?
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